The Immortals

Beyond the fear of death lies the fear of things that are worse than death.

The Immortals

In “Ride the Star Wind”, Scott Gable (ed.) Broken Eye Books (forthcoming 2017)

cosmic horror (short story)


Captain Merrick is five hundred years old but he wears the body of a young man, robust and well-proportioned. He looks as he did at thirty-five, before he won the first of a series of victories that earned him his fame. His manner is easy and natural.

His quarters are modest, a horseshoe of private chambers surrounding a formal reception room. One wall of the reception room is dominated by a mural showing a man in green coveralls nestled in the womb of a great machine. With his pale skin and blond hair and his look of capable determination, the man in the painting resembles the captain so much that for a moment Lysa Tallis wonders if it is intended as a portrait.