Long fiction

The Warrior Within

Tor.com (2018)

space opera (novella)

Short fiction

A Fearful Symmetry

In “Queer Weird West Tales”, Julie Bozza (ed.) LIBRATiger (2022)

weird-west (short story)

In the Belly of the Whale

In “Trenchcoats, Towers and Trolls”, Rhonda Parrish (ed.) Worldweaver Press (2022)

science-fiction (short story)

The Last Apocalypse

In “Z-Sky Journal”, Zuriel and Jonathan van Belle (ed.) Z-Sky (2021)

science-fiction (short story)

The Hunted

In “Alien Invasion”, Laura Bulbeck (ed.) Flame Tree Publishing (2018)

historical SF (short story)

The Immortals

In “Ride the Star Wind”, Scott Gable (ed.) Broken Eye Books (2017)

cosmic horror / space opera (short story)

The Monster Hunter

In “Principia Ponderosa”, Juliana Rew (ed.) Third Flatiron (2017)

weird western (short story)

Blind Perseus

In “Abyss & Apex Magazine” (2017)

space opera (short story)

Justice and Shadow

In “Humanity 2.0”, Alex Shvartsman (ed.) Arc Manor / Phoenix Pick (2016)

space opera (short story)

War Mage

In “Swords & Steam”, Laura Bulbeck (ed.) Flame Tree Publishing (2016)

steampunk / fantasy (short story)


In “Mission: Tomorrow”, Bryan Thomas Schmidt (ed.) Baen Books (2015)

hard SF (short story)

Someone to Watch over Me

In “Black Candies: Surveillance”, Ryan Bradford (ed.) So Say We All (2015)

dystopian SF (short story)

Flash fiction

Quarantine Protocol

In “Martian, Issue 2”, Eric Fomley (ed.) Martian (2021)

science-fiction (flash fiction)

The City

In “New Exterus, Vol. 1”, G. Owen Wears (ed.) Exterus (2021)

fantasy (flash fiction)


Song of the Cyborg Drop Pilot

In “Eye to the Telescope, vol. 45”, Deborah Davitt (ed.) SFPA (2022)

military sf (poem)