The Warrior Within

Tor.com (2018)

space opera (novella)

The City

In “New Exterus, Vol. 1”, G. Owen Wears (ed.) Independent (2021)

fantasy (flash fiction)

The Hunted

In “Alien Invasion”, Laura Bulbeck (ed.) Flame Tree Publishing (2018)

historical SF (short story)

Black Stars

Lovecraft Ezine (forthcoming 2018)

cosmic horror / historical (short story)

The Immortals

In “Ride the Star Wind”, Scott Gable (ed.) Broken Eye Books (2017)

cosmic horror / space opera (short story)

The Monster Hunter

In “Principia Ponderosa”, Juliana Rew (ed.) Third Flatiron (2017)

weird western (short story)

Blind Perseus

In “Abyss & Apex Magazine” (2017)

space opera (short story)

Justice and Shadow

In “Humanity 2.0”, Alex Shvartsman (ed.) Arc Manor / Phoenix Pick (2016)

space opera (short story)


My flash piece ‘The Inside of the Outside’ is available today to subscribers to Crystal Lake Publishing’s Patreon.

My flash piece ‘The Inside of the Outside’ is a finalist in Crystal Lake Publishing’s “Trapped” competition.

My story ‘The City’ is singled out for praise in this Goodreads review of ”New Exterus Vol. 1”.

New Exterus: Vol. 1”, which includes my flash fiction piece ‘The City’, is now on sale.

My flash fiction piece ‘The City’ will appear in a future edition of Exterus.

I'll be talking about my work at a Zoom event organized by the SF Association of Bergen County.

I'll be reading some of my fiction with Keffy R. M. Kehrli at Erewhon Books.

Enter Tor.com’s sweepstakes to win a copy of ‘The Warrior Within’, plus books by Myke Cole and Brian T. McLellan.

I'll be reading some of my fiction as part of Dixon Place's Gershwin Live series.

A recording of my reading at KGB Fantastic Fiction with Brooke Bolander is available online, including chapter 1 of ‘The Warrior Within’.

The Imaginaries’ review of the 1st Half of 2018 in SFF includes an enthusiastic review of ‘The Warrior Within’ (around 24:00)

Reviews and Robots reviews ‘The Warrior Within’.