AngusPlays with Words


My name is Angus McIntyre. I write mostly speculative fiction – science-fiction, fantasy, horror.

My short fiction has appeared in “Black Candies” magazine, in the anthologies “Mission: Tomorrow” (Baen Books), and “Swords & Steam” (Flametree Publishing), and on the Boing Boing website. My novella "The Warrior Within" will be published by in 2017, and other stories will appear shortly in the anthologies “Humanity 2.0” (Arc Manor/Phoenix Pick) and in “Abyss & Apex” magazine.

I'm a graduate of the 2013 Clarion Writer's Workshop.

When I'm not writing, I punish computers for a living. When I'm not doing that, I'm probably taking photos or traveling.


The anthology “Humanity 2.0”, which includes my short story ‘Justice and Shadow’, is now available.

My novella ‘The Warrior Within’ has been acquired by for publication in late 2017.

Flametree Publishing's anthology “Swords & Steam”, which contains my short story ‘War Mage’ is now on sale.

My short story ‘War Mage’ will appear in Flametree Publishing's anthology “Swords & Steam”.


The Warrior Within (forthcoming 2017)

space opera (novella)

Blind Perseus

In “Abyss & Apex Magazine” (forthcoming 2017)

space opera (short story)

Justice and Shadow

In “Humanity 2.0”, Alex Shvartsman (ed.) Arc Manor / Phoenix Pick (2016)

space opera (short story)

War Mage

In “Swords & Steam”, Flametree Publishing (2016)

steampunk / fantasy (short story)


In “Mission: Tomorrow”, Bryan Thomas Schmidt (ed.) Baen Books (2015)

hard SF (short story)

Someone to Watch over Me

In “Black Candies: Surveillance”, Ryan Bradford (ed.) So Say We All (2015)

dystopian SF (short story)